Sawbridgeworth Easter Treasure Hunt!

The Sawbridgeworth community is getting together for Easter once again with the annual ‘Town Treasure Hunt’!

The event will be hosted by the Sawbridgeworth Evangelical Congregational Church and is taking place on the 15th of April.

This year is a Pokemon themed hunt so it’s sure to be a fun one for the families of Sawbridgeworth, bring your children down to Church and collect a clue sheet at 10am to begin hunting!

They’re even making promo videos for the event, here’s the first edition, take a look:

All are welcome to our annual town treasure hunt on 15th April!

Posted by Sawbridgeworth Evangelical Congregational Church on Montag, 27. März 2017


We’ll be in the office so we hope to see you chasing Pokemon down Bell Street!

More details on the annual Easter Treasure Hunt can be found on the Sawbridgeworth Evangelical Congregatinal Church Facebook page:

We do love the Sawbridgeworth community!